Adam Carolla’s Podcast-Viable radio model?

February 23, 2009

I was just thinking, about Carolla and the move exclusively to podcasting; short term, it is quite obviously a “loser” move.  Who wants to be on a “podcast” only?  The most important downgrade is the lack of live audience.  How would the host interact with the listeners?  Also, now a consumer has to “download” the podcast, therefore adding a barrier.  No longer “just” turning in is enough.  These problems are not without solutions, though.  Its pretty cheap to have a broadcast over the internet.  If Eric the midget can have an internet show, so can Adam Carolla.  As for downloads-you have to live under a rock not to know that the Stern Show is the most “shared” broadcast and obviously there are a lot of people who would gladly fill up their MP3 players with content. And judging by this from Huffinton Post, Adam Carolla has some great fans, who might go the extra mile.

What about some other implications?  First, no FCC.  No middle-man. No terrestrial radio executives.  But more importantly, Hi-Speed Internet coverage is growing faster than Satellite Radio. (I-phones as an example)   A internet-only show can be successful, with The Young Turks as a prime example. The internet took down the music industry, crippled the TV, Movie and Gaming industries.  Maybe radio, both Terrestrial and Satellite, are next on the list.

I think that even though Adam Carolla’s show is being a podcast out of necessity, it is being forced to be ahead of the curve. It will benefit in the long run from establishing itself as a native to the internet. That will allow the show to react to its listeners needs, (their blog is where anyone can post a comment) and naturally evolve with the medium.  Plus, Adam Carolla is a genuine talent with a solid resume and talent is shown to shine on the “tubes” (see funny or die)

I have never heard the Adam Carolla Show but I think that I will have to download the show later today to check it out.


The very first Adam Carolla Podcast is now up!

Via CarollaRadio


Major disappointment.  What is the point of a podcast if you can’t put it on your ipod?  Or am i missing something?


So, I CAN put in on my Ipod.  All I had to do is look for instructions, located here.  Hopefully ill figure this out before going out to lunch.  If I don’t listen at lunch, I probably won’t be able to listen at all (with the Stern show coming back this week)


I have it on my Ipod and going to lunch now.  Will have a review afterwards.  Haven’t heard a radio show other than Stern and Mike and the Maddog (together and separately) in about 10 years now.


Howard Stern Sunday Links

February 22, 2009

Hey guys,

There isn’t much going on in the SternSphere today.  However, I got a couple of cool links from way back in the day.  Here is a JD Harmeyer interview from June of ’05:

Q: Hello J.D. …so how often are you recognized on the street?

A. i’m hardly recognized. I’m hardly on air or on the e show. i like to stay behind the scenes. i get really nervous on the air. the two times i have been recognized was once by this guy selling his rap cd on the street, it was shortly after an e show with me in it aired. the other time was in vegas at the circle bar. some black guy was trying to tell me how i should be more outgoing with the ladies and what not….something to that effect. no ladies unfortunately.

Howard Is Wrong is venting about….something:

Ok, so maybe there isn’t much going on in the world of Howard Stern related news, but how come it seems like everything that Howard’s wife Beth does is worthy of an interview by Lisa G?

Please go to to sign the petition to keep him on the air.  I don’t think that Howard is going anywhere, however, it would still be nice to show the support for the Show.

And finally, here are a couple of Lisa Lampanelli interviews, one from LAWeekly and one on RiverfrontTimes blog.

Adam Carolla Resurfaces-Has a podcast

February 21, 2009

Adam Corolla, perhaps after reading this, resurfaces via a podcast.  The website Carollaradio claims to have an Adam Carolla Podcast, first one due on Monday:

Hey gang, welcome to the new Adam Carolla website

Adam’s first podcast is due out early Monday morning, but stay tuned today for a note from the Aceman himself…”

Good luck, Adam!


A message from Adam Carolla:

Thank you for taking the time to seek me out. I will attempt to podcast daily. I will also attempt to bring in guests such as Dr. Drew, Jimmy Kimmel, Joel McHale, etc… I would also love to weave in Bryan and Teresa as this little experiment evolves. For now, it’ll be very stripped down and barebones, but with the help of fans like yourselves, there’s no reason we can’t grow this into a full fledged production. There’s no subscription fee, and I am not asking for compensation for this podcast. The only payment I ask is, if you like what you hear, you pass it on to others, and together we can launch our own pirate ship.

-Adam Carolla


Carolla spelled right in the title

Talkers Magazine Top 100 list farce

February 21, 2009

TALKERS MAGAZINE came out with their annual 100 most influential people list. BentCorner:

Personal finance expert Dave Ramsey appears as #7 on the list.  I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that he pays for a 125X125 advertisement on the Talkers website.  Yeah, sure.  Maybe if Howard Stern buys an ad on Talkers, he’ll do better next year than the #32 that he finds himself at now.  The man makes $100 million a year doing radio, but I’m supposed to believe that there are 31 more important people in radio.

Yep, Rick Rottman sounds about right. You know that this is a trade publication of Terrestrial Radio.  They will obviously pump up terrestrial hosts.  And maybe look favorably to ones who advertise with them.  However, the biggest egg is on the talkers magazine themselves.  A google news search for the following term: “talkers magazine 100” revealed ONE major publication picking it up!  Sports pages of Baltimore Sun.

Looks like Talkers Magazine picked the wrong week to slam Howard to try to get publicity.  I hope Howard Stern will not come back and make a big deal out of it.  If he does, the list will be in every major publication.   As of now, no one cares.

Adam Corolla is fired.  I wander if this “radio job” is really easy?

Adam Carolla, host of one of LA’s most popular radio talk shows, is out of a job.CBS Radio is pulling the plug on “The Adam Carolla Show” – Friday is the shows last day.from Pam.

It looks like Pam saw some breaking news, typed up a quick post, gave it a searchable name and reaped the benefits for her smart work.

Some quick hits:

Here is Bob from Bob’s blitz talking with Chris “Mad Dog” Russo about Howard.

SF Gate tries to weight in on whats going on with Sirius XM other than averted bankruptcy.

A mention of Iron Sheik.

Some links

February 17, 2009

Sirius saved!

Breathe easy, Howard Stern fans. Based on a flurry of reports this morning, it appears that Sirius XM has dodged yet another bullet—and no, it didn’t have to sell its soul to EchoStar to do so. In short: Satellite radio lives to fight another day.

In return for its investment, Liberty is getting 12.5 million shares of preferred stock, which can be converted into 40 percent of Sirius’s common shares, as well as two seats on the company’s board of directors.Other details of the deal include loans from Liberty to Sirius at an interest rate of 15 percent, due in 2012.

Congratulations to Sirius stockholders.

From the SternSphere

I hate Artie chimes in:

Artie never had a movie career, you’ve been conditioned to BELIEVE he had one. Having a resume that says you’ve had random parts doesn’t constitute having a career, and it barely says he’s “in show business”. It says he had a jobs. That’s it.

And while were on Artie, Bob P from Baxojayz weighs in on “Too Fat to Fish”:

I would like to say I had a good time reading this book, but it was actually very depressing. This guy kept screwing up, getting extra chances, and STILL kept screwing up. This is definitely a cautionary tale that warns the reader that being a tough guy can really damage you. Artie is obviously in dire need of psychiatric help…

Sirius XM and Liberty Media deal imminent

February 17, 2009

On Monday night, Mr. Karmazin was near a deal to pull off the impossible: he had coaxed Mr. Malone of Liberty Media, which owns DirecTV — and who is a fierce rival of Mr. Ergen’s — to be his white knight and agree to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in the company in exchange for several board seats and a minority stake for just under half the company, according to people involved in the negotiations.

New York Times



Sirius XM Radio and Liberty Media say they have signed a deal in which Liberty will invest $530 million in the financially struggling satellite radio company.

Sirius rate hike!

February 17, 2009

With its shares of stock worth little more than a dime, Sirius XM will reportedly impose a rate increase on March 11th. The company will seek an extra $2 per additional subscription per user, plus charge $2.99 to stream Sirius XM online. Via

Not good…  Sirius should be removing walls between themselves and the audience and will drive the consumers away.  This is a prime example of Sirius acting upon old media rules.  Sirius has so much competition that costs nothing, that they are fighting a lost cause. To make things worse, the best of Sirius programming is widely distributed on the internet for free anyway.