Good Jeweler/Bad Jeweler

On QM1A, via Blackberry

So, an ineresting thing happened to me today. At lunch, I was walking around downtown NYC and saw a Jewelry store with 30-50 percent sale for watches. I decided to take a look, maybe pick something out for my girlfriend. Once inside, a Jeweler (israili, I think) immediately offered help. I told him that I am looking around and maybe thinking about a watch for a gf. To make a long story short, he showed me a Bulova watch, at $850, way too steep of a price. He immediately dropped the price to $300. Still too steep, but at that point he has my attention. As I am thinking about my next move, another worker (maybe partner) asked him for how much did he offer it to me. The 1st guy said $300. They immediately begin to argue: “how can u offer it for $300, when the price they got it for is $400?” Red flags right away! Several questions poped into my head: “why are they arguying in front of me? How did the price go down from 850 to 300 in a flash? Why is he offering me a watch for $100 less than what he paid for it?” So, I figured its either stolen or fake. I said thank you, took a business card and said ill think about it.
I thought it was pretty funny that the jewelers tried to use a good cop/bad cop routine to sell a watch.

A lot of links sitting around and ill try to get to them later tonite.


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