drunken lirr adam carolla podcast blogging

Hey guys. So, I went out to a bar on Nassau Street for a drink (or 5) with my buddy. I’m writing this on my blackberry while coming home on the LIRR. I heard adam’s podcast earlier today and I actually really liked it. Adam came off extremely honest, genuine and very funny without trying to be so. His opening line about the podcasting experiment being either a sucess or embarrasment was great.

So, a couple of points:
He needs a live show. He needs to interact with callers. Put the live show on the internet, somewhere.
Put the show as a torrent. Why should Adam pay for distribution costs when he has such loyal friends who will do it for free!
I love that Adam is taking his show directly to the people. Fuck the terrestrial radio management! I think I like the idea of the podcast more than the show itself (adam was really funny though)
Overall, I enjoyed the show and will download it again!

Also, I would love for Howard to do this, but he is too corporate at this point I hate to say it, but he is no longer the renegade that he portrays himself as. Maybe its the jack and coke talking, but I would love for Howard to do what Adam is doing. However, I know the reality, he is part of the corporate system he used to rail against now. Too bad.

I hope the post makes sense in the morning. Heavy editing will probably be needed.


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