Adam Carolla’s Podcast-Viable radio model?

I was just thinking, about Carolla and the move exclusively to podcasting; short term, it is quite obviously a “loser” move.  Who wants to be on a “podcast” only?  The most important downgrade is the lack of live audience.  How would the host interact with the listeners?  Also, now a consumer has to “download” the podcast, therefore adding a barrier.  No longer “just” turning in is enough.  These problems are not without solutions, though.  Its pretty cheap to have a broadcast over the internet.  If Eric the midget can have an internet show, so can Adam Carolla.  As for downloads-you have to live under a rock not to know that the Stern Show is the most “shared” broadcast and obviously there are a lot of people who would gladly fill up their MP3 players with content. And judging by this from Huffinton Post, Adam Carolla has some great fans, who might go the extra mile.

What about some other implications?  First, no FCC.  No middle-man. No terrestrial radio executives.  But more importantly, Hi-Speed Internet coverage is growing faster than Satellite Radio. (I-phones as an example)   A internet-only show can be successful, with The Young Turks as a prime example. The internet took down the music industry, crippled the TV, Movie and Gaming industries.  Maybe radio, both Terrestrial and Satellite, are next on the list.

I think that even though Adam Carolla’s show is being a podcast out of necessity, it is being forced to be ahead of the curve. It will benefit in the long run from establishing itself as a native to the internet. That will allow the show to react to its listeners needs, (their blog is where anyone can post a comment) and naturally evolve with the medium.  Plus, Adam Carolla is a genuine talent with a solid resume and talent is shown to shine on the “tubes” (see funny or die)

I have never heard the Adam Carolla Show but I think that I will have to download the show later today to check it out.


The very first Adam Carolla Podcast is now up!

Via CarollaRadio


Major disappointment.  What is the point of a podcast if you can’t put it on your ipod?  Or am i missing something?


So, I CAN put in on my Ipod.  All I had to do is look for instructions, located here.  Hopefully ill figure this out before going out to lunch.  If I don’t listen at lunch, I probably won’t be able to listen at all (with the Stern show coming back this week)


I have it on my Ipod and going to lunch now.  Will have a review afterwards.  Haven’t heard a radio show other than Stern and Mike and the Maddog (together and separately) in about 10 years now.


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