Howard Stern Sunday Links

Hey guys,

There isn’t much going on in the SternSphere today.  However, I got a couple of cool links from way back in the day.  Here is a JD Harmeyer interview from June of ’05:

Q: Hello J.D. …so how often are you recognized on the street?

A. i’m hardly recognized. I’m hardly on air or on the e show. i like to stay behind the scenes. i get really nervous on the air. the two times i have been recognized was once by this guy selling his rap cd on the street, it was shortly after an e show with me in it aired. the other time was in vegas at the circle bar. some black guy was trying to tell me how i should be more outgoing with the ladies and what not….something to that effect. no ladies unfortunately.

Howard Is Wrong is venting about….something:

Ok, so maybe there isn’t much going on in the world of Howard Stern related news, but how come it seems like everything that Howard’s wife Beth does is worthy of an interview by Lisa G?

Please go to to sign the petition to keep him on the air.  I don’t think that Howard is going anywhere, however, it would still be nice to show the support for the Show.

And finally, here are a couple of Lisa Lampanelli interviews, one from LAWeekly and one on RiverfrontTimes blog.


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