Talkers Magazine Top 100 list farce

TALKERS MAGAZINE came out with their annual 100 most influential people list. BentCorner:

Personal finance expert Dave Ramsey appears as #7 on the list.  I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that he pays for a 125X125 advertisement on the Talkers website.  Yeah, sure.  Maybe if Howard Stern buys an ad on Talkers, he’ll do better next year than the #32 that he finds himself at now.  The man makes $100 million a year doing radio, but I’m supposed to believe that there are 31 more important people in radio.

Yep, Rick Rottman sounds about right. You know that this is a trade publication of Terrestrial Radio.  They will obviously pump up terrestrial hosts.  And maybe look favorably to ones who advertise with them.  However, the biggest egg is on the talkers magazine themselves.  A google news search for the following term: “talkers magazine 100” revealed ONE major publication picking it up!  Sports pages of Baltimore Sun.

Looks like Talkers Magazine picked the wrong week to slam Howard to try to get publicity.  I hope Howard Stern will not come back and make a big deal out of it.  If he does, the list will be in every major publication.   As of now, no one cares.

Adam Corolla is fired.  I wander if this “radio job” is really easy?

Adam Carolla, host of one of LA’s most popular radio talk shows, is out of a job.CBS Radio is pulling the plug on “The Adam Carolla Show” – Friday is the shows last day.from Pam.

It looks like Pam saw some breaking news, typed up a quick post, gave it a searchable name and reaped the benefits for her smart work.

Some quick hits:

Here is Bob from Bob’s blitz talking with Chris “Mad Dog” Russo about Howard.

SF Gate tries to weight in on whats going on with Sirius XM other than averted bankruptcy.

A mention of Iron Sheik.


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