Adam Carolla Resurfaces-Has a podcast

Adam Corolla, perhaps after reading this, resurfaces via a podcast.  The website Carollaradio claims to have an Adam Carolla Podcast, first one due on Monday:

Hey gang, welcome to the new Adam Carolla website

Adam’s first podcast is due out early Monday morning, but stay tuned today for a note from the Aceman himself…”

Good luck, Adam!


A message from Adam Carolla:

Thank you for taking the time to seek me out. I will attempt to podcast daily. I will also attempt to bring in guests such as Dr. Drew, Jimmy Kimmel, Joel McHale, etc… I would also love to weave in Bryan and Teresa as this little experiment evolves. For now, it’ll be very stripped down and barebones, but with the help of fans like yourselves, there’s no reason we can’t grow this into a full fledged production. There’s no subscription fee, and I am not asking for compensation for this podcast. The only payment I ask is, if you like what you hear, you pass it on to others, and together we can launch our own pirate ship.

-Adam Carolla


Carolla spelled right in the title


2 Responses to Adam Carolla Resurfaces-Has a podcast

  1. harryenward says:

    Stick it to the man. You can definitely make this work. These radio execs and assclowns have no clue what they have lost! I hope that Bald Brian will have some type of involvement. It won’t be the same without him. I enjoyed Teresa, but her politics would often contaminate some of the topics. Aceman works using the same dogma as myself. Idiots are idiots, regardless of their politics. We’re not prejudice, racist, etc, we just hate everyone equally. — Late.

  2. gofetchjen says:

    go Ace man

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