Sirius Failure, Howard Stern, Neil Best and Everything else

More Craptacular links!

First, on the bankruptcy:

Crisis at Sirius XM Satellite Radio


“It appears that the company will be trying to reorganize and refinance it’s debt.” Here is another link.

“If Sirius XM suddenly ceased to exist tomorrow, it would in no way “solve everything” for terrestrial commercial broadcasters, who have already gotten way too excited about satellite radio attracting “only” 20 million subscribers. Local stations will not automatically repatriate all those listeners”

Predictably, calls for Howard’s money are echoed through the blogosphere; here, here and here is some wild speculation on where Howard might end up.

There is a good New York Sports radio storyline going for the past couple of days. Mad Dog goes on Stern. Mike Francesa misinterprets his words and goes off. And Michael Kay somehow gets involved. As always, Neil Best is on top of the action. Bob’s Blitz covering the action as well. YardBarker covering as well.

“ARTIE IS SICK AND WE ALL SUFFER” – I think the radio as a result couldn’t be better, because he always comes back with great stories.

Speaking of todays shows, “Gary Ackerman goes off on SEC laywers about the Bernie Madoff fraud situation and Howard Stern loves every minute of it.

Marks Friggin has the rundown.


The Artie limbo game is hurting the continuity of the show, and therefore a danger to Sirius XM when it needs the Howard Stern Show more than ever.” Do we care about Artie or about the Show more? On or off the show? I say ON!

“Over the past year, Howard Stern fans have watched and listened in a mix horror and shameful morbid fascination as comedian and co-host Artie Lange and his array of addictions have spiraled out of control. Lange, who has struggled with nearly every vice imaginable, seems determined to follow in the footsteps of his idols John Belushi and Chris Farley” Elizabeth Brown is a lot more concerned than I am.


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