Monday evening Howard Stern Links

The Howard Stern Critic says that Artie was Right about Gary. I disagree. He was pissed and lashing out. Artie has no credibility left, and he even said himself that his argument was just to piss gary off.

More on last week’s Thursday Show has some Billy West Pics in “where are they now” says maybe Bale is not so bad after all.

Gregory Urbano has a good take on 5 topics, Howard Stern included.

MarksFriggin always has great stuff.

Pam Johnstone is right on top of the show with a post about Robert Plant

Siriushowardsternshow on Blogspot has a writeup of the Brian McNamara Interview earlier today.

Here is AP’s report

Neil is the Best in the business. Here are his notes on the interview.

More on the Brian McNamara interview later…

Edit: Sorry, I know its McNamee


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