Howard Stern vs. Adam Carolla

February 26, 2009

South Street Seaport, via Blackberry.

It is really nice out in NYC, so I’m hanging out at the seaport.

I wanted to listen to Carolla, so I dl’d his latest podcast and started listening. However, I decided to listen to the Stern Show instead. Don’t get me wrong, I like Adam. But, my loyalty still lies with the Stern show. I had a choice between the two, and it was not even a hard decision to make.
I do like what Adam is doing and I will be monitoring what he is doing and even listen to him whenever Stern is on vacation.
Congratulations to Adam though; he had a quarter million downloads on the first day. He is already extremely sucessful in his medium. And I think that he can also be commercially sucessful via podcasting. There will be advertisers who will be more than happy to advertise on the show that reaches that many people. Adam can also sell the Ipod screen to a sponsor. Gotta get back to work


Would you like to be on Howard TV?

February 25, 2009

Via Howard Shrine:

The Howard Stern Show’s Howard TV On Demand channel will be filming a new TV series for its Howard TV On Demand service called Strip Beer Pong.

Howard Stern Links

February 25, 2009

Sorry for the lack of linkage for the past several days.  So, without any further ado, here is the best of the web on Howard Stern:

After months of denying any wrongdoing, Captain Janks (whose real name is Tom Cipriano) called into the Howard Stern Show today to answer the allegations of getting paid for appearances and then not showing up when he was contracted to.From Jersey Mike

For the record, I think that Jenks fessed up to (almost) everything and since he has been a staple of the show for such a long time, I do not mind Howard handing him $500.

50 Cent was in studio today.  Coverage by Pam:

50 Cent said he was shocked when he saw the pictures of Rihanna following the alleged Chris Brown attack. 50 Cent, the rapper and hip hop icon, was on Howard Stern today talking about his life, his new video game, and the Chris Brown Rihanna situation.

Today’s show coverage by Save Baby Gorilla and Marks Friggin.

Speaking of Baby Gorilla:

Lisa said that Artie’s book is still on the NY Times Best seller list. She said that Artie got a royalty check the other day. Artie said he didn’t want to say how much it was for though. Artie said that he doesn’t want to just blurt it out because he knows he’ll get phone calls from people begging him for money.

Artie then blurted out that it was a hundred grand.Via

I also got some linkage on Sirius.  First, Bob from Bob’s Blitz visits Mad Dog’s studio.

Why Liberty likes Sirius-Free advertising!

And finally, the Media Doctor weighs in:

Despite assurances to the contrary, I am afraid my beloved Sirius is about to become exactly the type of monolithic, out of touch company that I despise.

As for Adam Carolla’s Podcast, I have not been able to listen to his second or third show.  However, I am planning to do so tomorrow, and will blog my experience from somewhere Downtown.

Prior to podcasting how could this have happened? In past years he would have had to go hat in hand to multiple stations to get someone to LET him back on the air. All the time being silent so as to demonstrate he is a “good boy” and not upset the radio gatekeepers at potential future stations. The beauty of podcasting is: if he can keep an audience guess who will be asking him back. (And yes – morning radio pays way more than any podcast opportunity in existence.) Maybe someone will pick him up, maybe he’ll move on to some of the other projects he’s been working on. We’ll see. Read on from MWG Blog

Good Jeweler/Bad Jeweler

February 25, 2009

On QM1A, via Blackberry

So, an ineresting thing happened to me today. At lunch, I was walking around downtown NYC and saw a Jewelry store with 30-50 percent sale for watches. I decided to take a look, maybe pick something out for my girlfriend. Once inside, a Jeweler (israili, I think) immediately offered help. I told him that I am looking around and maybe thinking about a watch for a gf. To make a long story short, he showed me a Bulova watch, at $850, way too steep of a price. He immediately dropped the price to $300. Still too steep, but at that point he has my attention. As I am thinking about my next move, another worker (maybe partner) asked him for how much did he offer it to me. The 1st guy said $300. They immediately begin to argue: “how can u offer it for $300, when the price they got it for is $400?” Red flags right away! Several questions poped into my head: “why are they arguying in front of me? How did the price go down from 850 to 300 in a flash? Why is he offering me a watch for $100 less than what he paid for it?” So, I figured its either stolen or fake. I said thank you, took a business card and said ill think about it.
I thought it was pretty funny that the jewelers tried to use a good cop/bad cop routine to sell a watch.

A lot of links sitting around and ill try to get to them later tonite.

Howard Stern back from vacation

February 23, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to get some bloggin’ done, but I am very tipsy. Here is the rundown of todays show.

Thats all I got.  I’m mailing it in tonite.  Food, sex(hopefully), then sleep.  I may listen to another Adam podcast tomorrow.

drunken lirr adam carolla podcast blogging

February 23, 2009

Hey guys. So, I went out to a bar on Nassau Street for a drink (or 5) with my buddy. I’m writing this on my blackberry while coming home on the LIRR. I heard adam’s podcast earlier today and I actually really liked it. Adam came off extremely honest, genuine and very funny without trying to be so. His opening line about the podcasting experiment being either a sucess or embarrasment was great.

So, a couple of points:
He needs a live show. He needs to interact with callers. Put the live show on the internet, somewhere.
Put the show as a torrent. Why should Adam pay for distribution costs when he has such loyal friends who will do it for free!
I love that Adam is taking his show directly to the people. Fuck the terrestrial radio management! I think I like the idea of the podcast more than the show itself (adam was really funny though)
Overall, I enjoyed the show and will download it again!

Also, I would love for Howard to do this, but he is too corporate at this point I hate to say it, but he is no longer the renegade that he portrays himself as. Maybe its the jack and coke talking, but I would love for Howard to do what Adam is doing. However, I know the reality, he is part of the corporate system he used to rail against now. Too bad.

I hope the post makes sense in the morning. Heavy editing will probably be needed.

Howard Stern Show

February 23, 2009

…is back from vacation.  I feel bad for Jenks.