Hello world!

If you are reading this, then welcome to The Craptacular!  This is the place where I would like to post my thoughts and raves on my love and passion-The Howard Stern Show.
I began listening to the show a very long time ago, pretty much after I came to America.   When I moved here from Russia, I was immediately devouring the American Culture.  One of the movies that stood out was Private Parts.  The story of a renegade disc jokey appealed to me right away.
I think I was 13 or 14 and I had to walk to High School every day.  I decided that I had to listen to pop culture stuff at the time because I did not grow up in the country, and had difficult time connecting to my classmates, so I listened to FM radio on the way there.  I usually listened to Z100 and the Z-morning zoo.  I remember it being a bland show, with some music and some celebrity news but it got me the knowledge of current music and at least allowed me to talk to my peers about SOMETHING.  One day, while listening to the borefest while walking, I had a revelation; what if the renegade jockey is still on the air?  After scanning the dial, I found what I was looking for.  Come to think, I was lucky they were not in a terrible 30 minute K-Rock commercial break.  But to say that I was hooked immediately would not be correct.  I listened because of the movie.  If I did not see the movie first, I do not think I would become a fan.
I was a casual listener until the Show moved to Sirius.  By that time, I already had Sirius Satellite Radio.  I recieved a Car Stereo as a gift for my 18th birthday.  It just happened to be Sirius Ready.  I decided to give it a try.  I immediately enjoyed my new toy for the following reasons:
1.  A great crystal clear reception.  There was no more static or bleeding over.
2.  24 hour commercial-free music.  Do I have to explain how great that concept is?  The song name/artist displayed on the dashboard was a cherry on top.
3.  Coast-to-Coast coverage.  Driving up and down the throuway to college and back actually became enjoyable.
4.  Sirius Left. Thank you Young Turks!
So, the merging of my favorite radio host and my favorite radio provider was magic.  I was extremely excited about the move and Stern did not dissapoint.  From the opening moments of his new show, I was hopelessly hooked.
I do not want this website to be a day-to-day recaps of the show.  There are plenty of those in the blogosphere.  Nor do I want to have a link-o-rama website.  Those are valuable in the long run, but do not add any quality to the digital conversation.  I will try to use this corner of the cyberspace to add to the discourse and maybe prove to the world for once that not all of Stern’s fans are the ones who post on SternFanNetwork.


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